BRICI in Romanian means “razor” as well as "perfect" in slang.

The interior and logo are Art Deco inspired, the golden era of barbershops and elaborate luxury when barbershops were a cool hang out for men, rivaling saloons in their socializing function so a bar takes center stage in BRICI.

The choice of materials: black marble, dark walnut, black paintand stainless steel underline the manliness of the place.

The veneered walls with Japanese pattern inlay and the pendants reference the origin of the  Takara chairs, Japanese steel razors and scissors BRICI is fitted with.

Japanese motifs also belong with Art Deco and direct to a sense exactitude most wanted but frequently missing in barbershops. What else is “haircut” than a synonym for accuracy?

 Team: Corvin Cristian, Adrian Oancea, Serban Rosca