PAINE si VIN (Bread and Wine)

Starting from the religious connotations of  "bread and wine" and resorting to elements from the religious imagery the ambient humorously references monastic architecture while the activity within differs dramatically from monastic norm.

In true Rabelaisian tradition, our idyllic "monastery" is dedicated to a community in communion, to friends who share Supper and Spirits and to knights who conquer their lady’s heart while searching for the Holy Grail in the wine section.

The church bell pendants, texture and stonewalls size, the austere solid furniture and logo follow the same irreverent but tender reference to orthodox symbols. 

Chairs, benches and tables are custom designed in solid ash, the church bell pendants are made in ceramic, floor is original, discovered under layers of recent interventions. Patrons share the holy water and touch hands when washing over the baptismal vase. There are no mirrors in the restrooms as, presumably, everybody already looks perfect in this heavenly place (as in the Gargantuan Abbaye de Theleme).

There are no colors except the natural texture of wood and limestone, both quite close to the bread's crumb and crust tone.

Shortlisted at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2017 

Shortlisted World Interior News, London 2017

Design team: Corvin Cristian, Serban Rosca