Microsoft Offices 2018

Team:  Corvin Cristian Studio, KLAB Arhitectura

Claudiu Bica, Gabriela Rosca, Alina Stoica, Alia Al Jabbari, Vlad Hani

About lighting:

Despite the tremendous innovation in light technology and the enormous changes in the contemporary workspace environment, mostly towards wellbeing,work space lighting remains surprisingly dull, seldom more than functional.Part of this stagnation is due to the regulations conceived about half acentury ago for typewriting and handwriting activities and largely assimilatedto manufacturing activities hence similar requirements of uniform light allaround as in factory halls. The attention paid to pleasant lighting in retailor hospitality eluded the office sector. Disruptive to this situation, theMicrosoft Offices in Bucharest feature laser blade pendants controllinglight  spill  in front of the screen while illuminating thebackground , a 15 % up light for filling effect on ceiling, dramatic light onarchitectural elements, light washed pillars, dedicated spotlights for plantsand a rhythm of rays animating the long corridors), all light sources arerecessed in black cones to avoid glare on screens. Temperature is 3000 K andall is DALI controlled. One scenario corresponds to the norms while the othersare aimed at the real needs of the users and conceived with them.