Microsoft Timisoara Offices

Timisoara was the first European city to have electric public lighting and second in the world after New York.

Its citizens and Romanians in general are extremely proud of this hence we  gave special attention to lighting as it is a usually one of the least taken care aspects in office design even if it is one of the most important. We also used ELBA (the 100 years old Timisoara lighting fixtures factory) products.

Same battens are used to“break” the big surfaces of glass. (glass is pleasant when fragmented insmaller fields, when inbig surface, the reflections become annoying, distortedand, depending on the lighting and time of day).

WINNER at BIG South East Europe Awards

Team:  Corvin Cristian Studio, Plusminus Arhitectura

Adrian Oancea, Gabriela Rosca, Alina Stoica, Claudiu Bica, Ana Malaianu, Vlad Hani