JAZZ Offices 2020

Jazz is a multi awarded advertising agency. For growth reasons it had to move from an intimate old villa to a typical office building. In order to preserve the intimacy and homey atmosphere in the new "colder" space the partitions convey an impression of  little houses through an outdoor and artisan feel, with wood Venetian blinds for visual flexibility depending on circumstances. The kitchenette is the biggest and brightest space, a true social mix-use hub as outside lunch hours it functions as an informal workspace and meeting area. It can change into active relaxation as the communal table can accommodate a ping-pong game in no time, if all interested parties agree... At a closer look the "fachwerk" wood structure says "JAZZ". Textures are warm and natural: natural rattan, solid ash, natural veneer and an (eco) camel skin carpet.  Desks, phone booths, acoustic separators ("feathers"), the cafeteria chairs and the ping pong table are all custom designed.  Team: Corvin Cristian, Adrian Oancea, Tudor Coraci