Promenada Sibiu Foodcourt


2000 sqm. finalized: November 2019.

The shopping mall is in the vicinity of historical early XX th century redbrick rail station constructions. The design subtly revolves around the industrial heritage of the area. Seating booths are inspired from train coaches and lighting fixtures from the high tension power lines along the train rails. As opposite to traditional food courts, where monotonous big areas of similar tables and chairs create a canteen sensation, in Sibiu we used the "train" booths, long benches, protecting walls towards circulation and lines of lighting poles as means to regulate the space. Hence the standard tables can only be moved by the customers along limited distances thus avoiding disorder. A variety of seating options add for a variate experience for the returning customer: benches, protected booths, high tables, communal tables, sofas and low tables and armchairs.

Team: Adrian Oancea, Tudor Coraci, Corvin Cristian