Liberté sells "Tartes, café, champagne".

The recipe consists of a variety of French flavored ingredients: the floral pattern "carreaux a ciment" recall the ubiquitous floor finish of the French cafes and the bar is a close relative of the "bar a zinc" used, obviously for "prendre un verre sur le zinc". The "bleue" is Provence specific and a reclaimed grand French door allows for a theatrical access of the "Chef" from the glass laboratory. Brancusi lived in Paris thus a replica of Brancusi's "table of silence" sculpture fits better than the long communal table usually found in such establishments not to mention that a round table is a good reminder to the clients of Liberté about "égalité and fraternité".


Since coffee itself is not quite memorable in France we built a little house dedicated to baristas to make it a state within a state, maybe the outpost of an exotic faraway land where coffee brewing reaches perfection, Japan perhaps. The round windows above the back counter allow a view to and from the office as curious eyes adding to a humorous anthropomorphic impression with the intention to be attractive also to the children audience, same as the Alvar Aalto kindergarten chairs. 


Team: Corvin Cristian, Serban Rosca, Petru Lalut