HARE Herastrau

HARE is a restaurant, bar & club in the HERAstrau park hence HARE Herastrau.It is close to the part of the park called "the Japanese garden".The design has an indefinable exotic feel that could belong to various contexts, and to none of them specifically: Asian, South American or North African, a feel to go with the fusion menu and exotic playlist. It could be in Tulum or Indonesia or Japan or Mykonos and in none of them so it is up to one's imagination to transport oneself in whatever faraway land prefers.Materials convey a nature infused feeling, as it should be being inside the park: A weaving of corten, massive iroko furniture and planks, natural terracotta tiles, clay pots, earth tone colors and luscious greenery.To contrast this somehow understated palette, the bar counter and table tops are in black marble.The logo plays on the phonetic of the two syllables, it is strong, memorable, timeless and mystic. One can see it as a Japanese sign, a Mayan symbol or the schematic representation of an Aztec god, a medieval seal, a traditional vernacular sign or a modern minimalist graphic.It also goes with the weave on the facade and the design of the terracotta tiles. Project: Corvin Cristian Studio. Team: Corvin Cristian, Alina Stoica, Iulian Ungureanu, Vlad Hani. In collaboration with AIM