Sera Eden is in the courtyard of a mansion belonging in the past to the Bratianu family, in the center of Bucharest. It neighbors the embassy of Vietnam on one side, the Hungarian one on the other side and a glass house behind the back yard fence.Such vicinity inspired us to convert an existing structure into a glass house.Technically, Vietnam embassy's land is Vietnam land so it is only natural for bamboo to grow on its border.The pipe scaffolding reinforces the typical glasshouse structure. Corrugated metal sheet is used for the few opaque walls as it conveys a sense of light and provisory construction. Floor is in brick. The only contrasting material is the thick white marble for the bar counter, a discreet hint to the world of cocktails and spirits. Landscaping is the crucial part of the project. Instead of following the traditional lines that the building would have dictate, we contradicted it with sinuous organic shapes to contrast both the existing historical building and the geometric glass house. These shapes will blend in with the wild vegetation to grow in the next years and provide a labyrinthine path for visitors to explore. Team: Corvin Cristian, Serban Rosca, Petru LalutProject in collaboration with Workroom Architecture.

Photography: Laurian Ghintoiu