Guesthouse Club


Guesthouse is an internationally famous club of legendary status, highly respected in the music community. In 2021 the club was forced to change premises. With the change came the challenge of preserving the spirit while evolving nonetheless.Guesthouse is all about music. Sometimes this is interpreted as if nothing else matters and, in the Berlin tradition, one approach would be to make it grim as if any attempt to accommodate is a desertion from the purity of music.We think music has to be celebrated, not pompously, but sound IS also visual.Sound is a subjective matter, as any kind of magic (and magic it is).Guesthouse was already famous for its impeccable sound but for the new location a new, exquisite Danley system was installed, at the crossroad of club and audiophile quality.Audiophile became our mantra so we searched inspiration in the 60's and 70's analogue recording studios and sound stages, a golden era of sound experiments and quality.The sound engineer devised the right proportions of perforations in the natural oak veneered paneling, heavy velvet green draperies cover the windows and backstage background. The green is matching the old ceramic tiles on the walls of this former industrial workspace.Light is warm, from more than 100 narrow beam spotlights evoking a theatrical set up. The bar is made of pieces of sound equipment transport cases.

Team: Corvin Cristian, Vlad Hani 

Photo: Adrien Guitard