Liberté Victoriei 2021

Hessian coffee bags with stenciled brands are an overused cliche in coffee shops. We gave it a new twist. Only the logo is stencil painted. Walnut furniture is same color as roasted coffee. The rhythm of vertical battens corresponds to the width of the hessian fabric but also induces a Japanese feel. The two pendants are by Le Corbusier, dark unsaturated blue, the only counterpoint to the otherwise monochromatic interior. The circular pot for the pine acts also as seating area with round white marble tables to complement the Art Deco courtyard.

Subsequently, business decision was to sell "baba au rum cakes. Hessian fabric wouldn't go with this type of product so, with minimal changes, on same structure, we changed it to a clean/clinical/laboratoy venue. Stainless steel instead of hessian sack, neon instead of stencil.