Is an aparently simple idea but it incorporates complex experience on gastronomy, design, branding and operation. It is not „interior design” in the common sense as in Centrale there is no boundary between the clients area and the preparation, „front of the house” and back of the house are one. Bare neccesities are met through austere stainless steel furniture, stainless steel washbasin, garbage bins and tables (basically made to measure butcher tables). The chairs are @emecochairs Za, similar to an upside down frying pan, to keep it in the kitchen universe.The impression of the client is that he walked right in the pizza laboratory: white tiles, white marble, white walls, strong, non-intimate light. Because it is all about the product. Centrale is disruptive to all our previous project in the sense that instead of revolving around the feel good of the client it centers predominantly on the product and functionality of the process.Centrale is compact, the dough laboratory being in the overhead balcony. A custom maufactured monte-charge moves the flour bags up and brings down the dough containers through a coreographed happening. Naming and branding are on the same line of simple, concise, straight to the point direction. The “C” is on purpose similar to many other brands but is none of them exactly so it gives an impression of déjà vu and familiarity then contradicted by the squarish “Centrale” letters, a tribute to the Italian logos of the 50’s-60’s. It changes colors in a playful way without being inconsistent. The neon sign has a New York feel, a place as iconic as Naples in pizza’s history. The facade was carefully restored as layers of recent interventions had damaged and cover the green marble of the beautiful Art Deco building.@centralepizza