French Revolution Victoriei


French Revolution Victoriei 2023. FR is located in the contemporary Oromolu Office Building by Dorin Stefan but draws inspiration from the neighboring Victoria Palace, the government headquarters by Duiliu Marcu, built in the 40’s.

Cladding, same as on Victoria Palace, is made of travertine and keeps the same stereotomy proportions. Travertine light beige color matches pastry and eclairs.

Doors are arched, same proportion as the arches of the historical building colonnade.

Victoria Palace featured travertine bas reliefs that were damaged during WWII bombing and removed during Communism. We have our own bas reliefs, in the shape of the fruity ingredients and FR logo.

Tables and benches are one shape, the one of the eclairs. Pendant lamps are pink, one of the brand colors of @frenchrevolutioneclairs.

Team: Alina Stoica, Corvin Cristian