Madrid Apartment 2013


The 70 sqm apartment is in a XIX th century building opposite the Royal Palace, by the iconic Viaducto de Segovia. The walls and structure were hidden by layers of plaster, gypsum boards and additions. We made several tests that revealed beautiful woodwork and masonry. The apartment has a double function: temporary stay overnight and work-related meeting place, a second home and a second office let’s say. Hence, the sleeping area features sliding panels for a quick scenario of privacy while the table is made of two folding pieces allowing for a meeting of as many as 8 people or an empty room. Part of the project is salvage, part restauration, part contemporary. The electrical wiring is made with period pieces and cables, floor is off-white matt resin, the bathroom is in marble while fixtures and radiators are Victorian, to fit the age of the building, never surpassed in quality and comfort. Lighting fixtures are custom made to fit the simple, bare approach.

Design team: Vlad Vieru, Corvin Cristian

Furniture production: Kaustik