Brewing tradition blends with contemporary simplicity in Heineken HQ Bucharest. The modern office gets inspiration from the rich visual territory of breweries featuring a similar proportion of brass, white ceramic tiles and wood. Office partitions get a white tiles treatment while the reception desk, doors, signage, flower pots and even HVAC piping and electrical are in copper, the other ubiquitous texture in breweries. The ground floor reception area is split in two: on the right: “Boiler”, a café opened to the general public which integrates also the reception of the building, while the other half is dedicated to art exhibitions and events as the space leads towards the neighboring Artist’s Union premises. The row of demi-opened booths can accommodate meetings of one to one or as much as 4 people or can be used as isolated workplace for concentration work. Or they can be used simply for external clients to have a coffee. Depending on the desired level of privacy, a foldable tarpaulin can be maneuvered as visual and acoustic screen accordingly. Design Team: Adrian Oancea (Plusminus Architectura), Alia Al Jabbari, Ana Malaianu