Installation for the 2024 Concentrico Festival In Logrono, Spain. People gather around water, same as around fire. Water is the main ingredient of some of the most successfull public spaces. Cities are built around water, we could say communities are built around water. The "Fuente" is a composition of convex mirrors that convey a zoomorphic figure which could be an octopus, a multi-headed fantastic being. It has water running through a multitude of small nozzles. The mirrors are on rotating axes so people can see the moving reflection of the urban environment, of the social activities and of themselves as well which makes it interactive in a hypnotic way. It can be placed in dense environments with 360 beautiful surroundings that can be simultaneously be seen in the mirrors. The fountain is circular and placed in the middle of a small crsosroad. It is "concentric" and brings order to the space. The "Fuente" is compact and can be easily fit into a permanent location, transcending its temporary nature. Permanency is the best sustainability."