private residence Primaverii

The original house was designed by arch. Octav Doicescu, one of the masters of Romanian modernism, and it's part of the protected residential area "Parcelarea UCB Bordei", planned in 1935 by the same architect. Back then, it was intended for lower-medium income families but lately it became one of the most expensive residential areas. Our task was to increase the comfort level and to make it more elegant in general, while preserving the spirit of Doicescu's project. 

How would have looked the same house, built in the same year, by the same architect but for a more well off and style conscious family? This was our self imposed brief.

We took details from some of Doicescu's more representative buildings in the area, as the fence, gate, balcony rail, columns etc. while on others we introduced a discreet art deco touch (the black and white marble flooring, the bathrooms, the parquet, ceiling, handrail). 

Studying the archives, we found the original plan which showed a project totally different from the existing house. Apparently, back then, when Doicescu wasn't such a big name, the city hall regulations and possibly the builder and client modified the project probably against the architect's will. We tried to bring the exterior closer to his intentions while modifying radically the interior in order to make it more generous.

Team: Claudiu Bica, Corvin Cristian