Braiconf is a men’s shirt Romanian brand founded in 1950.The store inside Mariott Hotel offers made to measure services as well as the ready made collections.The design is mid-century inspired, recalling the history of the brand as well as a golden era of quality manufacturing.Main feature are the 84 shirts exposed each in an individual shelf inclined for best visibility of each shirt. Shelves have an inclination setter, brass pawl and dedicated light for each shirt to emphasize the collar details.The adjustable legs of the furniture have a milled gradation which, besides helping in aligning the shelves evokes the wooden meter always present in the old textile shops.The subtle midcentury note comes from the legs being slightly pointed to the ends, the proportion in general, the shape of the buttons, colors combination (walnut veneer with dark blue walls)

Team: arch.Corvin Cristian, arch. Alina Stoica, arch Adrian Oancea