greek restaurant 2016

The design recalls the Cycladic architecture and colors but more that that, the Light does the same. We only get to see Greece in the summer, the clean white walls sunken in sunlight. Over 50 spotlights placed at the same parallel angle replicate the rays of the sun tricking the eye to believe into an everlasting island sunset. The color scheme is, of course, nothing new: blue and white, the shades of blue carefully chosen to be exactly the ones from the Cyclades. The floor, the stones, the marble tabletops and bar, the canopies, all follow exactly the originals in Greece. It is told that Le Corbusier kissed the ground of Mykonos Main Square astounded by its beauty. He also said: "if you haven't seen the houses in Mykonos, you can't pretend to be an architect" and "whatever architecture had to say, it is said here". All proportions kept, we did our best in replicating bits of the original. The only concession to contemporary design are the “Trattoria” and “Lightwood”chairs by Jasper Morisson as they both could be interpretations of the typical tavern chair.

Team: Corvin Cristian, Serban Rosca

Photography: Cosmin Dragomir