restaurant-club 2013

Boema is a restaurant and bar located in a 1800 heritage building. There was no witness left of its former decoration so we had to imagine a contemporary yet reverent to the past one. we found inspiration in the around the corner 1400 gothic cathedral from which we replicated the wainscot in a fresh and surprisingly un-gothic light blue. But here stops the historicism. all the composition is based on irony and contrast. The 60’s Scandinavian style furniture matches surprisingly to the Gothic (possibly the same elegance and lightness of the structure). 

The roughness of the exposed old beams ceiling is counterpointed by the elegant marble bar counter, the massive aluminum pendants stand up in front of the gothic curves, the opulent main room gets more value by its vicinity to the rustic one. The "confessional" booth is equipped with benches reclaimed from a synagogue. The lighting adds a dramatic theatrical feeling through the carefully placed narrow beam projectors and the unreal halo from the multitude of hidden LEDs.The custom designed chairs in the rustic room are a contemporary interpretation of the Austrian traditional but in CNC cut plywood with legs inspired by Eames’s.

foto: Dacian Groza, foto Lucian Mandru